Wildlife Middle East News Vol 3 Issue 4

Wildlife Middle East News Vol 3 Issue 4
March 2009
PDFs can be downloaded from: www.wmenews.com
Vol 3 Issue 4 Contents

1. Editorial.
2. Wars and wildflowers in the Middle East
3. Olive Ridley turtles of Masirah: secrets unravelled for the first time
4. Feeding starch to browsing ruminants
5. Status of the mountain gazelle population in the Arabian oryx sanctuary of Oman
6. First tagging with a radio-transmitter of a rescued Indus River Dolphin near Sukkur Barrage, Pakistan
7. Electrocardiographic parameters of captive Arabian leopards (Panthera pardus nimr) immobilised with medetomidine and ketamine
8. Book review - Diseases and medical management of houbara bustards and other Otididae
9. News and events
10. UNESCO works on a network of botanic gardens in the Arab Region
11. What's new in the literature