Gyakorlati lehetőség az Al Wabra Wildlife Preserv-ben


Al Wabra Wildlife
Preservation (AWWP) is Sheikh Saoud Al Thani’s private breeding centre for threatened wild animals. Since January 2000, a professional wildlife management is established and AWWP has traveled a rigorous way
to transit from a typical Arabian private animal collection to a research and breeding centre for threatened species. The mission of AWWP is to maintain genetically and demographically sustainable captive populations of animal species by providing best facilities conducive to breeding success, behavioral, nutritional and health requirements. At the moment more than 2,000 wild animals (about 500 birds and 1,500 mammals) in 95 different species are under the care of AWWP. Some of the animals are very rare in captivity and/or highly endangered. Few of them are only kept in captivity at AWWP. The preservation is managed by an international team of veterinarians, curators, biologists and keepers (42 staff). AWWP is non-commercial and not open to the public.

Closing Date: OPEN

Applicants for internships must fulfill the following qualifications:

  • Good English knowledge
  • Independent and initiative character
  • Patient and sensitive to animal needs
  • Ready to work with people of different cultures
  • Courage to do the internship at AWWP on his / her own risk, health and accident insurance applicable abroad
  • Veterinary interns must have started with clinics

To ascertain the suitability of your qualification and background, please answer the following questions; it’s not necessary to provide a positive answer always:

  • How can you prove your high-interest in zoo / wild animals (prior internship,
  • literature study, publications, hobby, personal animal handling experience,
  • special knowledge in specific fields)?
  • Have you ever done any public presentation/s or publication/s?
  • Do you have experience in scientific research?  
  • Do you have experience in using computers and computer programs? If yes,which programs and software are you familiar?
  • Are you able and confident to work on your own with minimum supervision, if necessary?
  • What do you expect of an internship at AWWP?
  • What are your targets or goals in your professional life?

Working conditions:

  • Accommodation is free at Al Wabra Farm
  • Duration of internship should be 8 weeks
  • Flexible working hours
  • 6 days per week with a lot of sun and oriental flair
  • After training and familiarity with the system, you will have the possibility to do
  • different self-standing work in the different departments such as veterinary,
  • laboratory and animal management work.
  • All interns are most welcome and encouraged to work on a research topic!

Please send your answers of the above questions, your CV, date and time of an internship. Do not hesitate to ask for more details. Please use the e-mail: Click here