Álláslehetőség a Merazonia vadállatmenhelyen

Merazonia animal refuge is looking for a veterinarian starting around Mid-August 2010. Merazonia is (still)a relatively small wildlife rescue centre in the Amazon of Ecuador. But it is one of the few centres with a professional clinic. The refuge currently takes care of about 50 animals, ranging from birds (parrots, macaws) to mammals such as kinkajous and monkeys (woolly, capuchin, tamarins. Animals are brought to us form other centres, or by the ministry of environment that confiscates (trafficked) wildlife. After arrival, animals either stay with us in enclosures, get semi-released, or are send to other centres if these are in regions that have better oppourtunities to (semi)release them.
Merazonia is an Ecuadorian project but is foreign owned and managed. It has limited funds, so the reward will be mainly in the work and the experience.
You can find more info on merazonia on www.merazonia.org or on facebook.
If you are interested, you can send a mail directly to: merazoniarescue@yahoo.com
Sadly I will have to leave the refuge for a while in September. But is is an amazing place and a wonderfull opportunity for vets wanting to work with wildlife!
Louisa Baillie (current veterinarian of Merazonia Animal Rescue Centre)