Önkéntes munka levesteknős kutatásban

Period: 1st January 2011 April 30th 2011

Location: Cerro Verde,Uruguay. (Satellite Map)

Background Information: Karumbé has been monitoring
this foraging and developmental area of juvenile green turtles (Chelonia
mydas) for more than 9 years. In this site the volunteers will carry
out research and conservation activities, getting quite in touch with
the fishermen community where the field station is settled. Volunteers
will be working shoulder to shoulder with the 2 researchers who will be
coordinating the fieldwork, getting involved in all tasks included in
the project work.

Requirements: Candidates should have
(a) 1.Willingness to work with nature in a remote place, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.
2. Good physical conditions: know how to swim and be able to walk long distances on loose sand.
3. Willingness to get to know a different culture, getting involved into conservation activities with this fishing community.
4. It is not necessary previous experience in handling sea turtles,
training will be given as soon as arrived in the field station.

Additional Contact Information: Biol. Luciana Alonso, Volunteers Coordinator. If interested ask for the volunteer’s instructive at: volkarumbe@gmail.com