Helyettesítő állás a Merazonia vadállatmentő központban, Ecuador

Merazonia, the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre I work for, has an inmediate vacancy for a resident veterinarian.
I am leaving the park from March till the end of May, and my replacement, has just, unexpectedly, cancelled.
Merazonia is a small but growing wildlife recue centre near Mera, Ecuador (www.merazonia.org) and works closely with the ministry of environment in Ecuador. The main vet responsibilities are:
- health care of all animals in the park, and check ups on incoming animals.
- emergency treatment in case of injuries
- vaccinations etc.

Merazonia cannot offer a great deal of financial reward, but does offer a
$200 wage per month, a private cabin on the land, food included, 5-6
day working week. They cannot cover the expenses of such things as
flights however. But the experience is amazing! The staff is english
If interested, mail me at: merazoniarescue@yahoo.com