Önkéntes lehetőség - Alaszka, vadmadár monitoring

SEABIRDS, SEABIRDS, SEABIRDS!!! WILDLIFE VOLUNTEER needed early May to mid-Sep 2011 on 5 islands on the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge [Aiktak, Buldir, Chowiet, St. George, and St. Paul islands] to assist with long-term program monitoring breeding chronology, reproductive success, population changes, adult survival, and food habits of 15 species of seabirds (including storm-petrels, cormorants, kittiwakes, murres, pigeon guillemots, auklets, and puffins). Prefer applicants with (or working toward) a degree in wildlife biology or related field and with some field experience. All applicants should be in excellent physical condition and able to live and work happily with a small group of people in an extremely remote and isolated environment with cold, wet, windy weather and spartan
living conditions. Seabird and boating experience helpful. Appropriate safety training will be provided. Only applicants available for the entire
period should apply, as transport to and from the island is restricted.
Travel (within US), food and lodging provided for volunteers, along with a $5/day per diem.

If interested, please contact John Warzybok at 907-226-4633.