Assistant field veterinarian Laos (Wildlife Conservation Society)


Title: Assistant Field Veterinarian - Laos
Job Type: Opportunities in the Field
FLSA: Exempt
Date: 04-30-2011

Job Description:
REPORTS TO: WCS Global Health Program, Associate Director ' Asia (M. Gilbert)



The Wildlife Conservation Society, a US-based international non-governmental conservation organization seeks motivated candidates for a country coordinator position to lead health-based projects in Lao P.D.R., with an emphasis on wildlife trade. WCS is participating in the USAID-supported Emerging Pandemic Threat program (EPT) through the PREDICT consortium, administered by the University of California Davis. The PREDICT team is building a broad coalition of partners to develop the global capacity to monitor diseases at the animal-human interface
and develop a risk-based approach to concentrate these efforts in surveillance, prevention, and response at the most critical points for disease emergence from wildlife. In Lao P.D.R., WCS is contributing to the goals of PREDICT by concentrating on high-risk interfaces within the wildlife trade, where conditions promote the development and human exposure to pathogens of zoonotic and pandemic potential.

The program requires a veterinarian to lead fall PREDICT activities in Lao P.D.R.. This challenging position requires a range of skills including field conservation, government liaison, and scientific leadership. Duties will include oversight of all aspects of technical and administrative running of project activities within Lao P.D.R.. Broadly, this includes development of research and surveillance projects in collaboration with government partners, interaction with USAID, the wider PREDICT consortium and EPT partners both within and beyond Lao P.D.R., as well as financial and logistical management within the country. The position requires full time placement in Lao P.D.R., with
potential for international travel.

The PREDICT project is part of an expanding portfolio of WCS health programs in Asia, and there is potential for increased responsibilities beyond Lao P.D.R, based on experience, qualifications and opportunity.


1)To work with the WCS Global Health Program to develop a sustainable health research and surveillance program in Lao P.D.R.
2)To work with the WCS-Laos office to build and reinforce collaborative relationships with relevant ministries within the Government of Lao P.D.R.
3)To ensure collection of scientifically robust sample and datasets, in a form that is compatible with WCS international standards
4)To supervise staff working on health projects in Lao P.D.R., including responsibility for full time and contractual field
assistants and students
5)To ensure the safety of all WCS or non-WCS personnel involved in WCS health projects in Lao P.D.R., including oversight of training in biosafety and animal handling
6)To take responsibility for administrative, financial and logistic needs for WCS health projects in Lao P.D.R.
7)To provide financial and narrative reports in a timeframe and format required by donors, WCS or other sources
8)To work with the WCS Global Health Program in identifying novel funding sources and assisting in the preparation of grant applications
9)To contribute scientific and lay publications regarding wildlife health and conservation;
10)To participate in public speaking, public relations work, and fund raising activities;
11)To contribute to, enlarge, and uphold the Society's policies toward the Equal Employment Opportunities for women, minorities, veterans, the handicapped, and other protected groups.

1)Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine or equivalent
2)At least 5 years experience in working with non-domestic species
3)Foreign language skills (preferred)
4)The willingness to work in complex traditional and diverse cultural settings
5)The willingness to work flexible hours that may include weekends and public holidays.
6)An ability to adapt approaches to local cultures and project situation, while maintaining a high professional standard