Scholarship Opportunity for PhD/Post-Doc in Wildlife Veterinary Pathology for ACVP Diplomates

2011 Request for Applications (RFA) from the ACVP/STP Coalition for Veterinary Pathology Fellows. At this time, funds are available to support the following new training positions:

Position Ref Sponsor Position Description
CAP-11-127 The Charles and Sharron Capen Fellowship in Veterinary Pathology Candidate must be
pursing post-DVM residency training in anatomic or clinical pathology and a PhD graduate research program
focused on endocrinology, toxicology or metabolic disease. Fellowship provides $30,000/yr (for stipend
only) for 3 years.

MUN-11-128 The Linda Munson Fellowship for Wildlife Pathology Research Candidates must have completed a
post-DVM residency in anatomic pathology and be either a PhD graduate student or a post-doctoral
(post-PhD) fellow pursuing research on a topic that contributes to the understanding of diseases of
wildlife. Fellowship provides up to $60,000/year (for stipend and medical benefits only) for 3 years
for a PhD graduate student or 2 years for a post-doctoral fellow.

Separate RFAs for each position can be downloaded from the ACVP/STP Coalition web site ( click on
Request for Applications) and include background information, eligibility requirements, allowable costs
and the application. Please note that these fellowships provide only partial financial support,
thus cost sharing will be required. As stated in the RFA, applicants must indicate additional funds that
will be provided to ensure a full training position.

All applications must be submitted electronically, which requires each institution to establish a user
name and password. Instructions can be found on the ACVP/STP Coalition web site ( click on
Request for Applications). The application system includes a brief form to be filled out on-line, and an
application document created in Word to be attached and submitted through the web site. If you or your
institution has not submitted an RFA previously, a short registration (link is on the RFA login page) is
required where your information is gathered and you chose a username and password for submission. If you
are not the person who submitted for your program in the past, use the registration link on RFA login page
to enter your information. Institutions that submitted an application in the past may use their previously
assigned user name and password. Forgotten login information may be recovered by selecting the "Forgot
your Password" link on the RFA login page.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 15 July 2011, with awards to be announced by 9 September
New Fellows may start immediately after award decisions are announced and no later than summer

If you are not the correct individual to receive this information about residency training at your
institution, please forward this information to the appropriate individual, as well as to others who would
be interested in funding for post-residency PhD graduate or post-doctoral positions.

Please feel free to contact me if more information or clarification is needed (email; tel
269-720-7310). I look forward to receiving your

Best regards,

Gary L. Cockerell, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP
Director, ACVP/STP Coalition for Veterinary Pathology

xc: ACVP/STP Coalition Administrative Office
ACVP/STP Coalition Board of Governors
Dr. Wanda Haschek-Hock, President, STP
Dr. Derek Mosier, President, ACVP
Ms. Wendy Coe, Executive Director, ACVP
Ms. Sue Pitsch, Executive Director, STP