Önkéntes lehetőség/internship, Costa Rica

Greetings from Kids Saving the
Rainforest in Costa Rica!
We have an amazing volunteer/internship program for students
and vet students.  We have a full time credentialed wildlife
vet, a rescue center that takes care of 120 animals a year of
26 species, and a wildlife sanctuary for animals that can not
be released back into the wild.
Our volunteer/internship center houses 22 people and is
located at the Blue Banyan Inn which is#1 on Trip Advisor.
The program consists of teaching Wildlife and Zoo Medicine
from a Conservation Medicine point of view. Therefore students
will have hands on experience with wild animals, mostly new
world non human primates, preventive medicine, husbandry and
rehabbing situations. We are open to research ideas that will
collaborate in conservation medicine.  
We would love to invite your students to an incredible
learning experience.   We have worked with Cornell Wildlife
Vet School, Harvard University and Stanford University with
internships and volunteering.
For more information please contact us at this email address
or go to our websites to see our programs for internships at
www.volunteer4kstr.org and www.kidssavingtherainforest.org
Many thanks,
Pia Martin DVM
Jennifer Rice PhD
Kids Saving The Rainforest

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