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Állatorvosi állás - Moon Bear Rescue Center, Kína

We are seeking a Veterinary Surgeon for our Moon Bear Rescue Centre in
Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. The Veterinary Surgeon will be based
at the rescue centre and will be responsible for providing extensive
veterinary care to Asiatic black bears and brown bears rescued from bile
farms, other resident animals, and local domestic animals. He/ She will
work under the supervision of the Senior Veterinary Surgeon as part of a
team of two vets and three qualified veterinary nurses. It will also
involve working alongside and liaising with the Bear Managers. He/ She
may be required to travel within Asia and participate in outreach
projects and work with local veterinarians.

Önkéntes munka levesteknős kutatásban

Period: 1st January 2011 April 30th 2011

Location: Cerro Verde,Uruguay. (Satellite Map)

Állatorvosi állás Hong Kong-ban

Tai Wai Small Animal and Exotic Hospital is a well established Veterinary Hospital in a ‘green’ area of Hong Kong. We are situated in a traditional area close to mountains and country parks, yet still within a short traveling distance of the city. Hong Kong is a great place to live, it’s a gateway to exploring China and the rest of Asia, has better weather than the UK and low tax rates.

Volunteer opportunity in Montserrat, West Indies

As part of an international collaboration to save the mountain chicken
frog from extinction, there is an opportunity for highly motivated
volunteers to get involved and support field work on the Caribbean
island of Montserrat for this Critically Endangered species.

ECZM (Avian) rezidensi hely - Anglia

A rare opportunity will arise as from Feb 1st 2011.
As the period of direct supervision of Marie Kubiak, our current avian
resident comes to an end Jan 31 2011, there will be an opportunity for a new ECZM Avian Residency.

Manager, Veterinarian Science – Wellington Zoo Trust

Wellington Zoo is a treasure, housing significant populations of animals and plants and also employing a team of people who are passionate about conservation, education, research and recreation. Some 180,000 people visit the Zoo each year. The Zoo conserves precious species and raises awareness in the sustainability of ecosystems while promoting a keen interest and appreciation for wildlife.

Neo-Tropical Avian Clinic Manager

Casa Avian Support Alliance LLC NGO (CASA) – Description: Ex-Situ Conservation Facility: Avian Rehabilitation and Release. Address: Bullet Tree Road. Country: Belize. Contact: JODI E. BENTE’, Executive Director (PH: 707.974.4942, EM: Jodi AT casaavian.org, URL: http://www.casaavian.org).

Doctoral dissertation position (ref. 17/2010)

The Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin, a member of the Leibniz association, investigates the variety of life histories, the mechanisms of evolutionary adaptations and adaptation limits of wildlife and their interrelations with humans and the environment. The research group 'Evolutionary Ecology' focuses on the conservation of large mammals and studies factors that enhance the survival of populations and their ability to recuperate. Within the research group 'Evolutionary Ecology' we offer from Dezember 2010 onwards for an initial period of two years one doctoral dissertation position.

Project Coordinator - Mountain Chicken

Closing Date: Thursday 12 August

Enabling Montserrat to save the
Critically Endangered mountain chicken

This UK Darwin Initiative funded project seeks to lead the restoration of the mountain chicken frog on its native island of Montserrat in the Eastern Caribbean. Found on only two islands, Montserrat and Dominica, the frog was almost completely removed from Dominica by the spread of the amphibian disease chytridiomycosis. This disease entered Montserrat in early 2009 and massive declines in the numbers of mountain chickens were identified. It was possible to remove a number of frogs from the island before the disease spread too widely to establish a captive breeding programme for future release in a number
of European zoological institutions. These frogs are maintained in strict bio-secure conditions.

Fish Veterinarian - Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo

You will ensure the health of all the fish as well as other animals in our parks. You will improve the husbandry of our fish collection and contribute to the veterinary treatment of fish disease which includes pathology.

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